About Us

Expertise in Healthcare Valuation

Our firm is focused solely on appraising medical practices, surgery centers, optometry and allied healthcare businesses.  We are backed by the expertise of dedicated appraisers and valuation analysts who are trained and certified by the foremost organizations in our industry.  Practice owners, attorneys, and accountants retain us for projects including:

  • Outright selling-buying
  • Partnership and Associate buy-in/buy-out
  • Mergers
  • Hospital integrations
  • Financing
  • Estate and tax planning

Our Capability

Applying industry-accepted appraisal methods with a specific understanding of medical market dynamics enables us to provide accurate, relevant practice valuations. A medical practice may be one of your most valuable assets...Why rely on unsubstantiated rules of thumb, market multiples, and inaccurate comparable transactions to determine value?  View a client testimonial and our article about the practical use of a practice appraisal.